So, You Want To Be An EMS Writer?

Everyone wants fame and notoriety.  Some even find it. A few find fortune with that fame. I may not be able to promise fortune, but I can sure tell you the keys to becoming famous by writing another EMS social media clickbait posting. If you just follow my simple steps, you too can be internet famous!

First, you need to say something controversial. Next, throw in some data, preferably about cardiac arrest survival.  Add one glowing reference to some current EMS fad, perhaps community paramedicine or bystander Narcan. You will get bonus points for mentioning a “respected” EMS organization.  Instant credibility will be awarded for mentioning Seattle or King County Medic One or Wake County EMS. (Note: DC Fire/EMS does not count….)

If you’re feeling especially creative and want even more instant credibility, you should be sure to mention The Gathering Of The Eagles.  As we all know, no EMS innovation is complete without it being the subject of a speech or PowerPoint at the Eagles conference.  (In all seriousness, I would again note that the Eagles are the medical directors of some of the largest EMS systems, not necessarily the best EMS systems.)

Here’s a winning example of a great topic guaranteed to get you likes and shares on EMS social media. “EMS Community Paramedics should embark on a pilot program to train police officers and bystanders to administer Narcan in cardiac arrest to boost survival rates. We are looking forward to having Wake County EMS present on the community paramedicine aspect of this program at the next Gathering of the Eagles and King County Medic One has some very promising cardiac arrest survival rates to present as well.”

If none of this works for you, another sure-fire winner is to write about how EMS doesn’t get the respect it deserves, but also say that the educational standards are set too high.

If you get an article like this going, you’ll surely become infamous.  And just like in the movie The Three Amigos, “Infamous is when you’re MORE than famous!”



  1. Very succinct!