It’s my blog…. (Endorsement warning)

And I’ll endorse candidates if I want to.  I run hot and cold on NAEMT because I know it’s the only association we have that can even claim to represent “all” of EMS, but I also see it fail to live up to its potential regularly — especially in terms of legislative advocacy.

These issues didn’t arise overnight and they certainly won’t be fixed overnight either.  Honestly, I don’t know whether to try to fix things or throw up my hands.   Today, though, I’m hoping that NAEMT can continue to improve.

One way that NAEMT can improve is with strong leaders on the board of director.  It’s truly my privilege and honor to endorse a friend and colleague as he seeks a position as an At-Large Director on the NAEMT Board of Directors.  Troy Tuke is the Assistant Fire Chief for EMS with the Clark County (Nevada) Fire Department.  I’ve known Troy (oops, Chief Tuke) for over seven years now since riding with him (when he was an engineer/paramedic) on my first trip to EMS Expo in Las Vegas.   Chief Tuke is one of the progressive minds in fire-based EMS.  (Yes, they do exist!)  He’s also a registered nurse.  In the years that I’ve known him, I’ve always known his integrity to be beyond reproach and that he is a continual advocate for EMS’s advancement as a profession.

If he doesn’t have three strikes already between being endorsed by an attorney, being a RN, and being a fire chief (I’m kidding, y’all!), I would highly encourage any NAEMT member to vote for Troy Tuke as an at-large director.

Thanks — and the snarky posts will be back soon.


  1. Medic4721 says:

    I agree with you in a sense, but at the same time I hold everyone in EMS accountable as well. We must stand together as one voice rather than sit back with a wait and see attitude. Many providers are not active in making sure the legislation is for the good of EMS rather than the good of some insurance company. EMS providers should join an organization that is a strong advocate for the betterment of EMS. I am a member of both NAEMT as well Georgia Association of Emergency Medical Services. GAEMS has recently hired a new lobbing firm to insure that we get what we ask for. EMS is still young and growing as a profession compared to the fire service. However, it is maturing quickly , growing by leaps and bounds. GAEMS has pushed for criminal back ground checks prior to becoming licensed in Georgia and I agree totally with this and has watched the bill move through legislation till it passed. Currently they are looking at regulation licensing new Ambulance services since there seems to be a rash of services opening up just for the purpose of a quick dollar in the dialysis business. That is one of the many things an organization, whether its state or national level, can do for EMS provided the EMS providers are willing to make their voice heard.